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0900:  Talk in the downstairs living room

  • Topic: "The importance of friendship" 

  • Speaker: Nick Abouchedid, Notre Dame student

0915:   Study time in the library

  • Bring your homework or a book to read in the library

  • Academic mentoring opportunities available on request.

  • Let us know what subject you need help in, and we'll find the right college student for you

1000:  Visit to the Blessed Sacrament

10:05   Blacksmithing class with Solomon Burgo and Aidan Cook

  • Location: Windmoor's parking lot. 

  • This is a hands-on learning experience to introduce you to the principles and practice of blacksmithing. 

  • You will be hammering away at a very hot piece of iron... so bring your A-game!

  • What else to bring: 

    • Safety glasses

    • Long sleeve shirt or T-shirt made of wool, cotton or leather. 

    • Long cotton pants, like jeans.

    • Consider bringing some old leather gloves if you have them. 

    • A wool, cotton or leather apron would also work.

  • What NOT to bring: 

    • Synthetic polyester or nylon shirts, T-shirts or sweats. No synthetic fiber articles of clothing. 

    • These materials are flammable.

12:00    Angelus and snack 

12:15     Conclusion

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